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Helping Workers After a Construction Accident

Construction work is among the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. Workers can suffer serious or fatal injuries. Although they are entitled to workers’ compensation, injured workers often need an attorney to help them get adequate benefits.

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis, we represent injured construction workers, including undocumented workers. We have the experience to protect the rights of injured workers, fighting employers, insurance companies, and negligent third parties. You can rely on our skill and our commitment to your case.

injured construction worker

Fighting for the Amount of Benefits and Compensation You Need

The dangers of construction work are well-known and include:

  • Falls from Ladders and Scaffolds
  • Heavy Equipment Accidents
  • Cave-Ins and Structural Collapse
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Falling Objects
  • Construction Vehicle Accidents
  • And More…

Contact a Providence Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured workers and their families will need significant compensation to cover their losses. In addition to workers’ comp medical and wage replacement benefits, some people are able to recover additional damages from negligent third parties. A typical third party in a construction accident case may be a subcontractor on the job site or a manufacturer of defective equipment. We will file a separate personal injury or wrongful death suit in these cases.

Please call our office at 401-453-1355 to schedule an appointment.

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