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2/29/2024 – The Law office of Stephen J. Dennis was great at dealing with my Workers’ Comp case. All the staff was very helpful, all the attorneys were great and Stephen, himself, takes the time to see you in person and do the job himself. In all of this, it is one of the best law offices in
the state.
- Jovanny N.

2/29/2024 – The Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis has been a strong foundation and supportive source. Attorney Dennis and his team have helped me through my legal issues when I needed them the most regarding Workers’ Comp issues. I highly recommend their services when you need it the most and to fight for your legal rights.
- Tracie C.

2/29/2024 – I, Robert C., would like to state that from the beginning of my case until the end. The Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis treated me with dignity, including answering service for after hours and weekends to receptionists and those who were assigned to my case. I could always get an answer to any questions or concerns in a timely manner. No matter how many
technicalities or interruptions they encountered in representing my complicated case. The Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis and the team gave me assurance that justice will prevail. I am thankful for all their hard work and was happy with the final results.
- Robert C.

2/28/2024 – The office was very professional and accommodating. They were very responsive and kept me well informed about when dates are important to the case that was comping up. I felt they went thoroughly through every step of the process with me ensuring every question I had was answered. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for legal representation.
- Sandra M.

2/27/2024 – I would like to thank you and everyone at the office for their hard work. This was a stressful time for me and my family. I am grateful for all the work cause this time it was very hard on what I been through. I would never think it would happen to me of what I went through and I know the pain will never go away, but knowing they were on my side and understand me, meant the world to me! I’m still going through it even after all this is over for them, but not for me. I will never be the same, but I’m blessed, grateful, and thankful for all of the people on my case in the office deeply, thank you!
- Abdona G.

2/25/2024 – Stephen J. Dennis, is a great lawyer, does his best for his clients, goes above and beyond. He was very down to earth. It was my pleasure having him as my lawyer. He worked with me to meet on a Sunday. To do paperwork. Also gave me his personal phone number.
- Tammy R.

2/12/2024 – I highly recommended Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis and I am very pleased with the outcome. Workers’ Comp stopped sending checks that was coming to me. Through this office hard work, Mr. Dennis had the judge pay me retroactively for what I had coming. It has been a long process but Stephen J. Dennis and his office has kept me updated and managed a fair settlement for me. I am extremely glad I had his office representing me. I like to thank all his
staff for their support.
- Greg K.

2/9/2024 – Stephen J. Dennis and his staff worked very hard on my case. Maria and William Gately were awesome! Stephen J. Dennis is a very good attorney. I would highly recommend him. His staff is the best.
- Troy C.

2/9/2024 – I like how they made all my worries go away. Very friendly staff, they always made me feel welcomed. Definitely got everything I deserved; I highly recommend this place for Workers’ Comp issue.
- Douglas M.

1/29/2024 – Stephen and Howard were very professional. They were a pleasure to work with, I
could definitely use them again.
- Amanda M.

1/19/2024 – Great job!
- Joseph P.

1/16/2024 – Great people, they did great and won my case.
- Ismael D.

1/10/2024 – I Christopher M., came to the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis. I was a very stressed individual due to the environment of my work, seeking some kind of settlement for my stress and time I had spent with several psychiatrists due to management at Twin Rivers Casino. Mr. Dennis was able to reach a settlement, in which I was satisfied for my stress. Steven did a great job and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- Christopher M.

1/10/2024 – My representation by Stephen Dennis and staff has been excellent from beginning
to end with very knowledgeable and capable lawyers. I am very happy with the firm and I highly
- Stephen W.

1/9/2024 – My experience with the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis has been an extremely gratifying experience done in a timely fashion with impeccable service. His staff has been super nice and welcoming.
- Daved C.

12/29/2023 – My experience with this auspicious office has been great. I’ve had no issues, only great cooperation and support from this office. I brought my case in around April 2021 with an incident that occurred at work. This law office bought to it that I get all care done, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We were finally able to have a mediation. I would like to extend my gratitude to this humble office and all staffs. I can recommend anybody in need of a better hand from this office.

- Bennetta M.

12/28/2023 – I have been well advised legally. I feel a s through everything was broken down to myself and explained in great detail. Though communication about upcoming court dates lacked. Other than that, one gripe, I have enjoyed my experience.

- Kaley G.

12/27/2023 – I am very happy with my experience with all employees of Stephen J. Dennis law offices, calls were answered quickly and emails responded to in a timely manner. All employees have been very polite. I would highly recommend the office of Stephen J. Dennis to anyone who asks.

- James P.

12/18/2023 – I hired the Law Office of Stephen Dennis because I got injured at work and Workers’ Compensation was giving me a hard time with paying my medical bills. After hiring Stephen and his team they have gone above and beyond for me to get me what I needed in every aspect! They are an amazing staff that will do whatever they need for their clients. If I every need a lawyer again I know who to call to get it taken care of.

- Danielle T.

12/12/2023 – After stepping away from one law firm where I felt I wasn’t someone that was important to them or my case. I came to Stephen J. Dennis and right from the start and until the end, Dennis took a personal interest into my case and followed through right until the closure of my case. Even calling in from a traffic jam the morning of my final court date to make sure procedures were done and if I was satisfied.

- Joseph G.

12/11/2023 – I appreciate Stephen J. Dennis Law Office. He’s always there when I need him. Thank you.

- Jason W

12/9/2023 – I’m very grateful for the help that Stephen J. Dennis has provided and all of my worrying is finally done. Thank you very much.

- Elaine G.

12/8/2023 – I recommend the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis. He is the greatest lawyer you can have. He has taken my Workers’ Compensation case and got me all the money I deserved for all my cases. He is a great and very patient lawyer. I love him. He has a big heart.

- Cynthia D.

12/8/2023 – I am very happy with the overall service that I received at the law office of Stephen J. Dennis. The staff was wonderful and dealt with all my issues in a professional way. Stephen was kind and listened to my concern and went out of his way to get the best results for my case. He even took the time to call me directly during the weekend to relief some of my anxieties because this was a different process. I am glad I got Stephen involved. Thanks for all the hard work and effort that went into my case.

- Warren S.

12/7/2023 – Everyone at Stephen Dennis office has been great. The team has been very helpful in making me comfortable. Stephen Dennis has been very helpful and kind hearted. Mr. Dennis has worked very hard in getting me a fair settlement. Every time I come into the office the receptionist greets me with a smile and professional help.

- Cheri W.

12/5/2023 – First of all, thank you for cooperating with me. Perhaps you may be very busy, but my experience with everyone who helped me was fine and I thank them very much. In the end I saw the lawyer fighting with my opponent for my sake and for the sake of my file. Many thanks to you and Miss Patty was very good!

- Ali S.
12/5/2023 – I would recommend Stephen J. Dennis to anyone in need of a lawyer. Stephen would fight for your right and get you what you deserve. Stephen is so nice and always available.

- Patricia D.

12/1/2023 – The treatment has been good.

- Manuela D.

12/1/2023 – The Office of Stephen Dennis was astounding. Happy with settlement. Could call Stephen personally with any questions that I needed answered. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you, Stephen Dennis.

- Debra B.

11/30/2023 – I have had a new experience and its from this office they have managed my case very well. My case was about an accident.

- Felicia S.

11/29/2023 – Stephen has been amazing over the last 2 decades since I lost my leg in an accident at work. He has fought for me every step of the way while it fell, at times, like Workers’ Compensation was trying to destroy my life. He’s like family. I couldn’t be more grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s suffered an injury on the job, and needs a true advocate in their corner to fight for their rights.

- Adam L.

11/22/2023 – Everyone at the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis has been very helpful. Whenever I had an issue pertaining to Workers’ Compensation. His staff always returned y emails or phone calls within a timely manner. I would highly recommend Stephen J. Dennis for a Workers’ Compensation attorney. He fought to get me the treatment I needed.

- Jennifer L.

11/20/2023 – I called Stephen Dennis office on behalf of a Workers’ Comp case. Stephen J. Dennis’ staff was always very helpful. Stephen Dennis is a very good lawyer. I will recommend Stephen J. Dennis. Stephen Dennis worked very hard on my case. Thank you.

- Geoff S.

11/14/2023 – The staff has been very helpful and informative throughout the whole case. Patty and Lucy were very quick to respond to my emails with questions or concerns. I have already recommended your office to other co-workers. Although I hope to never need a Workers’ Comp lawyer again, if I ever do I know who I can rely on for results. Thanks so much for everything.

- Amber R.

11/10/2023 – I was treated with respect at all times by Stephen Dennis and his staffs. Every time I had to come to the office or by phone call and when represented at court.

- Richard D.

11/10/2023 – I am thankful to the people in this office for the support that I received the whole time they were helping me. Thank you for the work and attention that you all gave me.

- Carlos P.

11/10/2023 – I am very happy with the service that I received from this office. Everyone is very nice and professional. I am grateful to Stephen J. Dennis.

- Virginia C.

11/10/2023 – I have had a good experience with Stephen J. Dennis very responsible I recommend.

- Johnny S.
11/9/2023 – Very good!

- Louis D.

11/8/2023 – First and foremost, I would like start off by saying thank you. You guys made this process easy and fair; I admire this office’s professionalism. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Luis D.

11/7/2023 – Thank you for guiding me throughout this process. You were easy to communicate with and I am satisfied with your results.

- Antonio S.

10/27/23 – “This was a very long process, but the law office of Stephen J. Dennis made it go very smooth and they were extremely professional. They were quick to return all my calls and emails, while keeping me up to date.”
– Jared P.

10/27/23 – “Thanks for taking on my case. It was a good experience working with you guys I will definitely recommend this office to anyone in need of your service. He is really a man of his word. This office really helps as much as they can. Thank you from Menessa and family.”

– Menessa L.

10/27/23 – “I would like to thank the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis and all staff for helping me with my case. Every question answered in a timely manner including text. I never felt abandoned or last throughout the process. I highly recommend Stephen and his team if you or anyone you know is looking for legal help.”

– Enrique M.

10/25/23 – “Did a great job and was willing to go above to make sure I was satisfied. One secretary did a great job making sure I knew my court dates as well.”

– Martins O.

10/19/23 – “Experience was fire. This was a difficult time and I was able to settle it quickly. Communication on their part was good.”

– Maggie S.

10/17/23 – “I am exceedingly grateful for the exceptional professionalism of Mr. Dennis’ law office staff and the timely settlement of my case.”

– Matthew J.

10/17/23 – “Great law office, personal and staff 100%”

– Lourde D.

10/13/23 – “I feel that the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis is 5 stars. They are very helpful and respectful. They took care of my case with me in mind. They understood me and took care of everything. I didn’t have to worry about my case. When I had a issue, they were right on top of it. I would recommend them to others.”

– Kammy L.

10/13/23 – “The office and staff was great. They were patient and walked me through everything. I’m glad Stephen could help me with my case. Stephen and his team did a wonderful job.”

– Mayah G.

10/13/23 – “Well most of the staff I spoke to did a good job.”

– Amie J.

10/13/23 – “Stephen Dennis’ firm represented me, Deborah, when I thought that no-one would take my workers comp case that happened 2 years ago, I was pleased in the professional and courteous way of his staff. Without Stephen Dennis the insurance company would have gotten away with not compensating me for my injury. Just wanted to say thank you.”

– Deborah R.

10/10/23 – “I am very happy with the result. Best lawyer. Will recommend to my friend and family.”

– Freida M.

10/5/23 – “I have had two complex cases that involved workers comp injuries. And the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis has been very professional and knowledgeable in the field. Attorney Dennis really cares about his clients and has their best interest. I would highly recommend Attorney Stephen Dennis for anyone who has had to deal with any worker comp incident.”

– Ewa K.

9/29/23 – “My experience with the secretary was great. All of the staff here is great getting back with info and returning calls.”

– Madeline S.

9/29/23 – “I’m overall happy with how Stephen and the firm handled my care. I would of liked to received better medical treatment but that isn’t the lawyer or firm’s fault. Again, I’m happy with the turnout of the case and the process leading up.”

– Joseph M.

9/26/23 – “Everyone I come into contact with was very nice. However, my husband, Daniel helped me and the law firm with my case. Stephen is a very nice guy, and has a pleasure working with him.”
- Deborah T.

9/26/23 – “Stephen J. Dennis and his office has taken care of me, my shoulder, and my case for the past 5 years. I am grateful for their expertise and professionalism during this time.”
- Devin F.

9/26/23 – “Great!!”
- Christopher K.

9/21/23 – “Attorney Dennis got results, far in excess of what I was potentially hoping for, given who my employer was, and who their attorney is.”
- David F.

9/20/23 – “Thank you for helping my dad, James Gorton in his case. You were a big help. We as a family know this was a very hard case that was giving to you to settle but we appreciate every thing you did for us and your team.”
- James G.

9/15/23 – “I want to say thank you to Dennis and his entire staff. Especially Lucy. Thank you for going above and beyond to help me get some monetary compensation. I would definitely recommend this office.
- Sulma O.

9/11/23 – “Working with the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis has been great. He is very thorough in his explanations, as to what is going on, what the next step in the process should be. The staff is very professional and helpful, as well.”
- Charlotte H.

8/31/23 – “This law office has been very helpful through my entire ordeal for almost two years. One of the best lawyer offices and the only office I’ve dealt for injuries. Stephen Dennis is really good at dealing with my cases. I’d gladly come back for future injuries such a great office.”
- Jason M.

8/31/23 – “My experience with attorney Stephen J. Dennis was very positive. He understands what I wanted and made sure I was appropriability compensated for my last time and income. He is prompt to communicate and very flexible to my schedule. Everyone in his office is extremely nice, helpful, understanding, and professional. “
- Samantha N.

8/31/23 – “My experience here was great! Lawyer fought to the end. Everyone was a pleasure to work with would come back if needed! Will recommend to others!”
- Bryant B.

8/31/23 – “It has been a great experience! Staff very professional!”
- Maria P.

8/31/23 – “This is my testimony. He was my representative. We have finalized everything in this office. Thank you.”
- Yocelin S.

8/29/23 – “Everyone did a good job. Lawyer Stephen J. Dennis treated me with compassion and respect. The only thing was because of covid-19 there was a little set back. But overall I am satisfied with my result.”
- Lillian H.

8/25/23 – “To all workers, I would like to thank each and everyone of you. The experience has been hard of times but you all made it easier.”
- Gina M.

8/25/23 – “Hello, to everyone who has supported me. I feel very satisfied with the great job and attention that I have received with the receptionist. Secretary is a good person. And obviously the great human being Mr. Stephen Dennis and all of his lawyers who have also represented me.
- Yorkina B.

8/17/23 – “Stephen Dennis and Howard Feldman were amazing at representing me during a very difficult time. I suffered a severe work-related injury. The attorneys were by my side through it all. I am very grateful to all the ancillary staff and to Attorney Stephen Dennis and Attorney Howard Feldman.”
- Caryn M.

8/4/23 – “The Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis is very helpful and I appreciate the help and legal matter that was given from Mr. Dennis for my case. They are the best!!”
- Yen C

8/4/23 – “The Law Offices of Stephen Dennis was amazing! All the staff came up to bat right away for one claim. Mr. Dennis was quick with the process, very efficient in explaining the process and most of all a pleasure to work with. Mr. Dennis is very compassionate as all his staff we will definitely recommend and refer others to them.”
- Vincent G.

When I came to Stephen J. Dennis Law Offices. I didn’t think I had much of a case, but Mr. Dennis and his associates worked hard and always kept informed. And when I left his office, I had a smile on my face!

Nicholas T., 05/24/2023

I can’t speak highly enough of your office, going above and beyond as always! You’ve done an awesome job with many cases and I’ll always be grateful! After such of terrible experience with previous attorney you demonstrated. They’re still great professionals but that are willing to commit to their client’s needs but more than everything! God bless!

Farah R., 05/16/2023

Attorney Dennis stood by us from beginning to the end. Staff always friendly and returned all our calls. Very receptive to our questions and provide answers. The office always kept us well informed of any changes in court dates. Everything was explained to us, the process on how it worked. Thank you to Attorney Dennis and staff for all your dedication.

Doug B., 05/16/2023

My experience with this office was always positive, I would work with this office if I go back to my job and have issues. Thank you for your service.

Kristen K., 05/12/2023

My experience with Attorney Stephen J. Dennis was extremely pleasant and professional. Attorney Dennis and his team fought hard and efficiently for me. I would strongly recommend using Attorney Stephen J. Dennis’s Law Office. His team is excellent and appear to have years of experience.

Quamee A., 05/11/2023

I guess it was good. And thank you for taking my case. Stephen and staff are good. I also satisfied that Stephen came to visit me in the hospital. I would send anyone that’s looking for an Attorney to Stephen Dennis’s staff.

Ayodele O., 05/09/2023

The lawyers office of Stephen J. Dennis is the good lawyer in RI

Hassan B. , 05/08/2023

My experience was great. It couldn’t have been better. Steve’s one-on-one with me was great.

Jason T. , 05/03/2023

This is the best lawyer Stephen J. Dennis. He takes care of his clients. All was on time and courteous. I give him a 5 star.

Troy W., 05/01/2023

I have dealt w/ Stephen’s Law Office for almost 10 years now. Always had a great outcome, service has always been spectacular. I would highly recommend this office and services to anyone in need of the type of help this office and their lawyer provide.

Elan P. , 04/24/2023

I was really happy with the outcome of my case. Steven Dennis did a great job getting me what I deserved. Thank you, Steve, for helping me with a very complex case. 5 Stars.

Ranado M., 04/21/2023

I am very grateful and satisfied with the service that I have received from this office. They have been very kind, responsible, and they have been very attentive to my case. I am very thankful for your help and humility. If I had to give a percentage of satisfaction, I would give a 100% and I would recommend you guys to everyone. Thank you to everyone, you guys are the best. May god bless you. Guaranteed satisfaction!

Liza S., 04/21/2023

Atty Dennis was a wonderful advocate for me and my case before the court. When there were issues that appeared to be falling through the cracks he was quick to respond and address them. He provided plenty of guidance and suggestions on what he felt was the best way to proceed, but was open to suggestions from my Wife and I regarding trial strategy.

Patrick M., 04/19/2023

Stephen Dennis was wonderful to work with. He was there every step of the way, I couldn’t have gone through this process without him. Patti was also very good to work with.

Natalia S., 04/18/2023

Attorney Stephen Dennis and his staff have been very helpful, supportive, and amazing to work with. Stephen really cares about his clients and that showed every step of the way. Stephen always took the time to check in with us and was always available to take our call. We had his personal cell phone number and he always made himself available, anytime, on weekends, and even while on vacation. I can’t thank him and his staff enough for all they did.

Greg P., 04/11/2023

My workers comp case was explained in clear detail and easy to understand. My attorney was very professional, he was hands on with my case and made everything simple.

Endry H., 04/10/2023

Stephen Dennis is great and Souzi is even better.

Jacqueline B. , 04/04/2023

I had been injured on my job. I went to seek out more information concerning workman’s comp and thanks to this law office my needs were fit fantastically. Not only was my surgery fully paid, but I was able to have the best paid treatment and therapy following the surgery. Thank you to the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis! Your commitment to your clients is beyond satisfying.

Kristle C. , 03/31/2023

I have found Mr. Stephen J. Dennis, staff and associates to be most respectful and considerate with regards to handling my case. Anytime I needed to contact the office or ask questions they were cordial and helpful. I was very pleased and felt confident in their professionalism.

Rosemarie D. , 03/22/2023

I just wanted to let you know that my experience with this law firm was a pleasure to have been a client. I definitely would recommend this firm to anyone in need. The staff was always kind and answered all questions and always got back to you in a timely manner. My personal secretary Patti was the best, could not have asked for better. She was the best.

Janine J. , 03/22/2023

Stephen Dennis, Howard Feldman, and the entire office staff are patient to your needs and skilled in their work. And the coffee and tea are strong and tasty. BREAK. Honestly, I have no complaints, no questions, no concerns. I was well taken care of. Thank you Stephen Dennis, Howard Feldman and office staff for your professionalism.

Latisha T. , 03/17/2023

Thank you to the Law Office of Stephen Dennis for helping me to getting to the bottom of this long, dragged out case; and taking care of the matter at hand. I sent five other people and they won their cases also. Thank you again for all your help. Stephen Dennis is great.

Tydell J. , 03/15/2023

It did excellent job. And the office was very nice to me.

Rafael M. , 03/07/2023

The office has treated me fairly and were always respectful. I would recommend them to anyone.
Kristen K , 03/06/2023

My experience at the law firm of Stephen J. Dennis was very professional and pleasurable. I was treated with grace and kindness by all the attorneys and firm members. Howard was a complete delight to work with. Mr. Dennis as well was always prompt and professional with my court appearances etc. I will highly recommend the firm. Melissa is also a very sweet, patient person!

Denise O. , 03/03/2023

From day 1 I have believed that Mr. Dennis has had my best interests in mind. It has been a difficult year for my daughter and myself. Difficult decisions had to be made, and I am confident that my experience has been lightened due to Mr. Dennis. I have to give credit and appreciation to the people in Mr. Dennis’s office for being kind, as well as patient with my questions and concerns. I have to say thank you to Melissa.

Adam E. , 03/01/2023

I’m really happy with my attorney. They explain me very good all the question I have. Everything is nice when I call to the office. They answer really quickly and speak to me very kindly. I think it is a very professional team.

Brian R. , 03/01/2023

When choosing an attorney, you’re gambling your possible future on a total stranger. And that can be a scary thing.
The moment you talk to anyone in Stephen Denis’s office you are going to feel the comfort of knowing you chose the right person. They are polite and compassionate where you feel as though they can relate to your unique situation. Stephen sees you as a real person with a real relatable situation, and provides the best possible representation. More importantly, you are working with an office that is knowledgeable and experienced. They are fantastic at creating incredibly positive outcomes from hopeless situations.
I am sure that you will not regret putting your trust in this office or staff. I highly recommend their services.

Roberto S. , 02/17/2023

It’s been very nice calling the office since Melissa has been here. She is very upbeat and pleasant on the phone and in the office. Patti has also been a big help.

Kate V. , 01/20/2023

Good people.

Robert P. , 01/17/2023

When I called the office every time all my questions were answered for me. I was never put on hold or had to be called back. I was very well taken cared for in every aspect.

Alicia M. , 01/06/2023

Justin was very informational, always tried to keep me up to date on what was going on with my case. Very well spoken. Went above and beyond to get in touch with me as well.

Pamela D. , 01/03/2023

My experience has been awesome from beginning to end. I received nothing but support and great communication during a difficult time from a solid team at the office of Stephen Dennis.

Cameron J., 04/20/2022

Mi experiencia aqui fre excelente. En todo momento cuando tenia algena duda siempre habia alguien para reponderve y en mi idionia. En cada cambio, yo fui notificado en todo momento estoy muy satisfecho y to recomiendo a todo mis amigot y conocidos.

Translation: My experience here is excellent. At all times when I had any questions there was always someone to answer me and in my language. In each change, I was notified at all times I am very satisfied and I recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.

Luis C., 04/18/2022

The best lawyer in work comp. I had a really good experience with Stephen J. Dennis and his team I will totally will recommend it.

Jose S., 04/04/2022

Stephen J. Dennis is a great lawyer. If he’s not your lawyer stop what your doing and call his office. My case got settle very quickly!!

Braian M., 04/01/2022

The law office of Stephen J. Dennis was very professional in handling my case against 9 difficult to work with insurance company. Stephen responded promptly whenever I had questions about my case and worked to get me what I deserved. Overall, my experience with this law firm was a good one and I recommend them to anyone dealing with Worker Comp. injuries.

Jonathan C., 04/01/2022

Attorney Dennis is professional, efficient, he understands his clients, his team was always knowledgeable and pleasant to talk with when I had a question or issue regarding my case. Thank you for being there and helping on my case always fighting for my rights.

Deborah C., 06/02/2022

Stephen Dennis is a very good lawyer he is very understanding and kind he handled my case very well. Thank you, job well done.

Marcia R., 06/02/2022

Stephen J. Dennis a mi poreces es uno de los mejoves abogados que he terido, su educacion y su vacacion sonmuy profecionales, pelea los casoslegales como si fueran muy personales de el, el trato harcia mi persona fue muy satisfactoria ya que te trata con educacion y profecionalismo, lo recomiendo a los personas que esten boscando un abogado y estoy dispuesto a quedorme con el para cualquier caso legal. Muchas gracias senor stephen J. Dennis.

Brandon S., 06/08/2022

Stephen and his staff worked quickly to expedite and settle my case. My w/c case had been dragging out for over a year. Stephen and his team “took control” and my case was completed in just 3 short months. I recommend anyone needing w/c legal representation to get a hold of and work with Stephen J. Dennis Attorney at law.

Jill F., 06/13/2022

Attorney Stephen J. Dennis I thank you, working with you a great staff that you have. I will recommend people to you.

Juan P., 06/13/2022

While working with Attorney Stephen J. Dennis, I also met with many of his legal staff. Mr. Dennis was very nice and very helpful, he went over everything so I understood everything going on with my case, his staff was wonderful as well very helpful with questions or concerns I had. I would recommend Attorney Stephen J. Dennis to others in need of his services.

Jennifer C., 06/16/2022

Attorney Stephen Dennis – Excellent workman comp attorney. How I wish I had hired him from the very beginning my issues began. I highly recommend him to anyone carrying a workman comp case

Doris V., 06/21/2022

Stephen and his staff have been an amazing experience from the beginning. They have always been timely, kind and courteous from day 1. Stephen himself always makes time to deal with you personally and is 100% represents your best interest in being fair and getting you what you deserve. I would recommend Stephen to everyone, including my own friends and family!

Lawrence B., 06/23/2022

As a client, I had a great experience here at the law office of Stephen J. Dennis. The secretary always returned my phone calls. The only suggest that I could mentioned, it’s that I wish I didn’t have so many secretary switch off. Every time I had a new secretary there was always miss communication among one. Overall, I had a great experience.

Berta P., 06/24/2022

I am happy with the work done by stephen J. Dennis. I feel he is very fair and worked hard on my case, if I ever need a workers comp lawyer I will be giving him a call again.

Laurie L., 07/07/2022

Stephen J. Dennis gives hope to people like me. I feel more secure with him than I was with my other attorney.

Jonathan L., 07/08/2022

Stephen J. Dennis helped me a lot over the past 3 years when workers comp was playing with me. Thank you Stephen and his team.

Brandon F., 07/08/2022

Stephen Dennis and his team did a great job with my case. They answered all my concerns and help me threw this difficult time.

Alphense C., 07/21/2022

I am very grateful to have the law office of Stephen J. Dennis by my side. Whenever I had a question or concern about the case they were there to talk to me and walk me threw it for me to understand. Thank you very much.

Emiliano M. , 07/22/2022

I bonnie T. am very pleased with Stephen Dennis he took a very hard case and worked very hard to make a case profitable. I enjoyed my time with the firm stephen Dennis. lf I ever needed another attorney I would definitely go back. Thank you.

Bonnie T., 07/29/2022

Office was great very helpful always answered all my questions, very friendly.

Crystal B., 08/05/2022

Stephen Dennis and his team went above and beyond to ensure that my case was handled professionally. They were patient in explaining the process and the steps they were taking. Communication was thorough and they returned calls promptly. Stephen Dennis attended my mediation appointments and ensured that I received an offer that was both suitable for my work related injury and a respectable amount for loss wages and other medical ailments. I highly recommend Stephen Dennis – he is professional, thorough and personable.

Ashley P., 08/22/2022

I would refer my family to this law firm!

Antonio R.

I appreciate all the work effort that was putting into my case. Job well done. Excellente experience. Will definitely recommend.

Aguinaldo B., 08/23/2022

My experience with Stephen J. Dennis was amazing. This is my second case with him. I was referred to Stephen’s office by my dad Paul R. Everyone at Stephen’s office is super polite and he went above and beyond to make my case easy and as calm as can be.

Olivia R., 09/01/2022

So my experience at Stephen Dennis office was somewhat good/great on in off. A little bumps in the process with me keeping appts. But somehow my lawyer Steven and his team did a wonderful job reaching out to me at the end of the day no matter what I would defintly recommend any one to Steven Dennis. He’s amazing.

Saddlie M., 09/07/2022

Gracias a la ofieina por finaligar mi aoso

Ana D., 09/21/2022

I would like to start by saying my name is Julie K. l’m a client of attorney Stephen Dennis and Howard Feldman. The service I received from this office was incredible. They are compassionate, concerned of your wellbeing. As to going any length to help with doctors, workmen’s comp. There a team that fights for these clients. I would recommend them to anyone. As for a rating for review 10 stars! Thank you so much Mr. Dennis and Mr. Feldman you gentleman are incredible.

Julie K., 09/22/2022

Everyone at the law office of Stephen J. Dennis have been extremely helpful to me during a very difficult time in my life. They kept me informed and answered any of my calls and questions right away anytime I reached out to them. They fought for me when no one else would and got me the compensation I was entitled to. Thank you!

Jason H., 10/03/2022

I’ve leamed about Dennis Law office online. I’ve never had any prior experience hiring lawyers ever before. I must say it is because of the negative info I get from people especially in the news. But because of how I felt about my worker’s comp issues I decided to get one. This law firm is very professional and experienced. They heard me well and I’m very happy they were working for me- It’s good to be on this team. I should have hired them from the start.

Roger A., 10/05/2022

My experience with this office was Excellent. Patty was my go to person, she went above and beyond. I am very happy with the end result. I will gladly refer anyone. Steven was an absolute pleasure to work with.

William D., 10/06/2022

Stephen Dennis and Justin were extremely helpful.

Chatter Paul J., 10/07/2022

Stephen J. Dennis was great and extremely professional, very satisfied.

Antonio R., 10/14/2022

The staff at SJD have been amazing from day 1. Very helpful, curious and willing to go above and beyond to take care of any situation that came up for me. Stephen was by my side the entire time, guiding me through each court hearing/meeting, fighting for me, like it was his own personal case. I always felt like his only client and I was of most importance when it came to dealing with matters pertaining to my case.

Toni C., 10/14/2022

Amazing loved all the help. 10/10

Dionisio B., 10/17/2022

The office was great! I really missed Dan although, he was my first paralegal I Patty was amazing! My only complaint was my appointments. I never receive the calls and therefore ended up missing them... Making the process over a month longer. Besides that, ya’ll were amazing.

Victoria B., 10/19/2022

The law office was very helpful in getting my case taken care of following two and a half years with another law firm that wasn’t doing anything. Attorney Dennis really did care on a personal and professional level he was available whenever needed. The supporting staff was always helpful as well. Thank you.
Heather M., 10/24/2022
Great service. Very good staff.

Juan R.

My experience was good. Thank you for your service.

Kimberly H., 10/26/2022

I’m a client of Stephen J. Dennis been satisfied with their customer services and help with this case. Stephen and I did struggle with this case. I want to thank everyone for their help and patients with me. Great Job.

Denise A., 11/04/2022

Stephen Dennis took our family’s workman’s comp case on after a previous attorney did not meet our expectations. Between Stephen Dennis and Matt Reebax, both
men did not give up on my family and I and shattered our expectations. They and their respective staffs answered every phone call, question, and inquiry with complete honesty and unwavering guidance. We would not have been able to find a conclusion or sense of comfort and closure without Mr. Dennis, Mr. Reebar and their staffs.

Freeman F., 11/18/2022

I am very happy with the work and professionalism conducted during my case with Stephen J. Dennis and his firm. A very friendly staff of employees working
hard for their clients. I met with Stephen about a year ago he was very honest with me, informative, professional, etc. My case is wrapping up within weeks and I have to say I was 100% satisfied with everything Stephen and his staff accomplished for me and my family. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great workman’s comp attorney to go with Stephen J. Dennis!

Jason O., 11/21/2022

Mr. Dennis and his staff was amazing. They were very helpful and caring to my needs.

Trevor H., 11/23/2022

Steve was very patient with me case which took longer than expected. He is a nice man I would recommend to anybody in need.

Malcolm H., 11/30/2022

I appreciate Stephen’s willingness to take on my case as I wasn’t having progress or getting results with another firm. He helped lay out a plan, scenarios and got to work immediately. Always helping throughout several years and providing good communication. At all phases of the process. After feeling helpless and left stranded on my case by a prior attomey; Stephen and staff made me feel valued and cared for from day one and through to the settlement agreement.

Justin S., 11/30/2022

Stephen and Justin were very professional and helpful. I am very satisfied with the handling of my case. Patty was especially helpful with all of the documentation. I would recommend Stephen Dennis to any injured worker.

David R., 11/30/2022

The experience with the office was great. You guys were very respectful.

Valmer M., 12/02/2022

It was great

Manuel V., 12/06/2022

I appreciate you, you guys are the best.

Michael B., 12/10/2022

No questions or complaints and was treated with respect. Steve was awesome I’d highly recommend.

Joshua M., 12/14/2022

You guys have always treated me with respect. I appreciate all of you and all the help you have provided. Thank you.

Barbara C., 12/15/2022

l was treated nice, no complaints on my end.

Jason G., 12/15/2022

This law firm did as much for me as they possibly could. They made sure I understood everything clearly and I never felt left in the dark. Stephen J. Dennis is
brilliant at what he does and that is helping you. I was never ignored and always treated as a priority when with them. My phone calls were always answered, if not returned within the day. They were very understanding of my academic schedule which is what worked so well. This law firm takes everything just as serious, as I did.

Dylan A., 12/15/2022

Professionals! When I have questions they answer them if they don’t know the answer, they find out the answer and get back to me. I have referred other to this office. I like the fact when you come into the office everyone is friendly. Justin is great.

PGreat experience overall, having the law office of Stephen J. Dennis as my attorney. The staff was completely understanding, professional and worked very diligently to the end and I’m so grateful, highly recommends their services. Thank you!
Olavo S., 12/21/2022

Respectful, responsive to my needs. I feel very comfortable working through my case with Stephen and staff

Emmett T., 12/21/2022

Stephen J. Dennis’ office was very helpful with my case. Everything was explained very clearly and all of my questions were answered. Justin reviewed all paperwork with me in detail. He also took the time to answer questions that I had. went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and confident in this process.

Ashley F.

Stephen was amazing! Very helpful. Every time we needed something or had a question, he was quick in his response. The people at his office are always pleasant and make you feel at home, Would highly recommend him to anyone that may need him.

John B., 12/22/2022

The man the myth the legend attorney Stephen J. Dennis! That’s all you need to know the attorney that goes above and beyond to get the job done.

Robert S., 12/29/2022

From the first day Dennis has always helped me with everything I needed help with. Whenever I would call with questions he always had an answer he kept me calm through this whole process. Also his people in the office are always nice and very attentive to the people who come into the office, always offering drinks, making sure we are comfortable. Dennis is excellent at his job, he was always keeping me updated with everything in my case and he was looking out for me.

Jose M., 12/29/2022