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Three Major Tricks Played on Injured Workers

Representing Health Care Workers Injured On-The-Job

Health care workers are continually at risk for physical injury and exposure to occupational diseases. If you are a medical professional who has been injured on the job, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits.

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis, we represent injured workers from hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities. We understand that you work hard taking care of injured and ill people. Now you need help getting workers’ compensation benefits so you can recover from your injury. You can rely on us for dedicated advocacy as we fight your employer’s insurance carrier.

We Are on Your Side After an Injury

We represent injured nurses, doctors, nurses’ aides, orderlies, home health aides, and EMTs. Some of the most common causes of healthcare worker injuries and occupational diseases include:

  • Lifting Patients
  • Needle Sticks
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents
  • Assault By a Patient
  • Exposure to Diseases and Dangerous Chemicals
  • Vehicle Accidents in Transit to a Patient’s Home

Contact a Providence Nurse Injury Lawyer

These types of accidents can result in back and neck injuries, repetitive stress injuries to shoulders, knees, and other joints, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. If you have suffered a work injury, you may be temporarily or permanently disabled. You will need workers’ comp benefits for medical care, wage replacement and perhaps for retraining for a different job.

If a negligent third party was responsible for your injury, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits and additional damages. We can file a separate personal injury claim for additional damages, including compensation for pain and suffering.

Please call our office at 401-453-1355 to schedule an appointment with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.