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Handling Personal Injury Cases for Victims and Their Families

A serious personal injury can make you feel like you’re all alone. Even with emotional support from your family, it may be difficult for them to really understand what you’re going through.

You may also feel alone because you don’t know where to turn for help. You may know you need to seek compensation from the person or company that was responsible for the harm you suffered. But you may not know how to do that.

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Get a Proven Law Firm on Your Side

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis in Providence, you can find the strong advocate you are looking for. Let us take your side as you pursue your case for compensation after a car accident, medical error or other personal injuries.

Our firm has been standing up for the rights of injured people in Rhode Island for more than 20 years.

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Types of Personal Injuries

We help clients who have suffered injuries in many different ways due to the carelessness or misconduct of someone else. This includes:

  • Car Accidents: including those caused by drivers who were drunk, distracted or negligent in some other way
  • Dangerous Property Conditions: such as slippery floors in a store or inadequate security in an apartment building
  • Medical Mistakes: including mistakes that result in birth injuries, surgical errors or other forms of medical malpractice

Pursuing full and fair compensation for any of these injuries isn’t easy. The person or company that caused your injury may try to avoid responsibility in all sorts of ways. That is why it is so important to find an effective law firm to act on your behalf.

If you were injured at work, we can help you with a workers’ compensation claim.

Get a Free Assessment of Your Case

Our firm is committed to holding responsible parties accountable and helping you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Take action today to set up a free assessment of your case with a Providence personal injury lawyer. Contact us online or call 401-453-1355 to discuss your accident injury claim.

Fighting for Our Client’s Rights Since 1990