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Handling All Types of Workplace Injuries

Any physical injury or mental condition that is preventing you from working is a serious matter. Being unable to work poses serious problems for you and your family, as you are forced to deal with the economic uncertainty of your situation as well as an often confusing workers’ compensation claims process.

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis, our workers’ compensation attorney Stephen J. Dennis has been fighting for the rights of injured workers in Rhode Island for more than 20 years. You can rely on Mr. Dennis and our firm to level the playing field and work diligently to obtain the full benefits you are entitled to.

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Common Injuries Suffered On-The-Job

While a broad range of injuries can leave workers unable to work, some of the most common types of work injuries associated with workers’ compensation claims are:

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries Such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck Injuries
  • Knee, Back and Shoulder Injuries
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sprains, Strains, and Broken Bones
  • Occupational Diseases
  • Herniated Disc and Bulging Disc
    Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • Stress and Mental Disorders
  • And More…

Contact Us to Discuss Your Right to Compensation

If a mental condition is work-related, it can also be compensable by workers’ compensation benefits. For example, a worker may be able to receive benefits if stress caused by harassment, humiliation, discrimination, or other work-induced stress has left him or her unable to work. Also, workers can receive benefits if their stress has been caused by greater day-to-day stress than similarly situated employees are dealing with.

To discuss your workplace injury and your right to compensation, contact us today at 401-453-1355 for a free initial consultation.

Fighting for Our Client’s Rights Since 1990