Why You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Rhode Island Attorney Representing Injured Workers

Providence Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury at work, you probably have many questions. What if you are unable to go back to work? How will you pay your bills? Will you be able to afford treatment? In addition to those pressing questions, there is another important question that needs to be answered: Do you need to hire a lawyer?

Technically, the answer is no. You can legally represent yourself as you seek workers' compensation benefits for your injuries. However, it is highly recommended that you have an attorney handling your claim. From the moment you file your claim, your employer and insurance company are likely going to be monitoring you very closely, looking for an opportunity to deny your claim. You need an attorney looking out for you and protecting your rights.

I'm Stephen J. Dennis, a Rhode Island attorney representing injured workers. I've been advocating for the rights of injured workers in Rhode Island for more than 20 years. To learn more about your rights, call me at 401-868-4097 or toll free 877-633-9127 for a free initial consultation.

On Your Side Every Step of the Way

While not every employer and insurance company acts in bad faith, many do, and it is critical to be prepared for it. It is not unusual for a company to question neighbors, videotape you and use other tactics in order to limit your ability to file for a claim. They may even seem to be helping you find jobs to do in order to avoid paying your benefits, ignoring the advice your doctor has given you about what you are physically or mentally able to do.

I understand the tricks they like to play on injured workers and will fight aggressively on your behalf. To discuss your situation and learn more about your rights, contact me today for a free initial consultation.