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.....I called many lawyers in R.I., and not many would even talk to me because of the interstate complications. Steven took it. It was a very hard case. Steven got me back pay and weekly checks going until we went to trial. The judge decided it was not R.I. jurisdiction. Steven was the only lawyer I found to have the guts to try. I thank him and his staff very much for their efforts.

Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Attorney

When you are injured on the job and unable to work, you need financial assistance to pay medical bills and monthly expenses. Workers' compensation is meant to be an injured workers' remedy for these situations. Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance carriers make it difficult for injured workers to get the benefits they deserve.

Most people cannot fight a workers' comp insurance company without the help of an attorney. At the Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis, we focus solely on helping injured workers get the full workers' compensation benefits they need after an injury or occupational illness. For more than 20 years, we have protected the rights of workers in Rhode Island. For a free consultation with a Rhode Island workers' compensation lawyer, please call 401-868-4097 or contact us online.

We Are Working Lawyers For Working People

Our attorney's career is dedicated to standing up for the rights of injured workers. Stephen J. Dennis is an aggressive advocate who will take on any opponent, regardless of its size or net worth. He often takes complex workers' comp cases that other law firms turn down.

The firm has concentrated a large part of its practice on protecting men and women in occupations such as:

In addition, we represent undocumented workers who have been injured on the job. No matter what occupation you have, you can rely on our knowledge and experience in workers' compensation. We are ready to fight for you.

Contact A Providence Lawyer Experienced With Workers' Comp Cases

Please call our office at 401-868-4097 or 877-633-9127 to schedule a free consultation.

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